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Having a pool on your property is great fun, but along with it comes the responsibility of ensuring safe swimming practices and protecting young children, especially those under 5 years old. Pool safety for children can be significantly improved by installing a pool fence.

Pool fences are an important tool to reduce the risks associated with unrestricted access to unsupervised pools. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, each providing barriers that can prevent curious toddlers from getting into the pool area without permission.

Surrounding your pool with a fence also provides warnings for any visitors who might mistakenly enter the area unaware that young children live on the property or visit regularly. Installing a durable pool barrier is an essential component in setting up an environment where young children can enjoy swimming safely.

Having a mesh pool fence can be incredibly beneficial in preventing toddlers or young children from accessing the pool unsupervised. It creates a physical barrier between the pool and the rest of your yard, helping to keep play and accidents away from water. As such, pool fences are essential additions to any home with a pool on their property, especially if there are young children around. By carefully considering the materials used, pool owners can greatly benefit from peace of mind offered by pool fencing.

Getting a pool fence installed by Secure Swim Pool Fence of Arizona is fast and easy. You feel confident knowing that your small children and guests’ small children are safe. Here are important pool safety tips to focus on to help keep your children safe as possible:

  • Teach infants to swim at the very beginning.
  • Make sure all caretakers know how to do CPR.
  • Install pool alarms, pool gate, and etc.
  • Assign a pool watcher and supervise little children constantly.
  • When small children are missing, check the swimming pool first.
  • Inform family members, grandparents, babysitters, about swimming pool safety.


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    Drowning Facts

    • Drowning is 100% preventable. 
    • 3 out of 4 children are seen no more than 5 minutes before drowning in a swimming pool.
    • Installing a mesh pool fence, and practicing the Layers of Protection is crucial.

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    Why Install A Life Saver Pool Fence?

    Life Saver Pool Fences come in a variety of styles and sizes, allowing you to customize the perfect pool fence for your pool area. They are easy to use and can be installed or removed quickly, making them the perfect pool fencing choice for homeowners who need a child pool safety fence but don’t want to spend time and energy on complex installation procedures.

    In addition to being easy to use, Life Saver mesh pool fences are incredibly strong, constructed with the highest quality materials available in the industry. Their durability ensures that you will have peace of mind knowing how secure your pool safety barrier is – no matter what comes its way!

    Pool fence installation in Paradise Valley, AZ.

    Pool Fence Law in Paradise Valley, AZ

    In Paradise Valley, AZ, pool fence laws are strictly adhered to for the safety of those who would be using swimming pools. The pool fence law specifies that the top of pool fences must be at least 60 inches (1524 mm) above grade measured on the side of the barrier facing away from the pool. This is to ensure that there are no breaches in pool security and to reduce the chances of any accidents involving children or animals. It also serves as a deterrent, preventing potential intruders from gaining access to a pool area. As residents, it is important to take these regulations seriously and have a pool fence that adheres to all legal requirements to keep your pool secure and safe.

    The entire pool fence requirements are located here:

    Safety Tips: Pool fences and covers are important safety products to protect against pool accidents. Pool fences should be located entirely around the pool and must not be connected to other fences or walls on the property. Pool covers are also critical; they should be solidly attached to the pool and cover the entire pool surface when it is not in use, even if there is already a pool fence installed. Choosing quality pool products helps ensure that your pool is safe for everyone who enjoys it.

    The pool is a source of summer fun for children, but it also can be dangerous. Pool safety is paramount, and parents must take proactive steps to keep their children safe when they are in or near the pool. The most important measure to help oversee pool safety is making sure that small children wear life jackets – correctly fitted, designed for their size and age, and comfortable so that pool playtime is enjoyable. Doors and windows should be fitted with pool-proof alarms or locks to limit access to the pool area; a pool fence is an ideal way to restrict passage entirely. By adding these additional layers of protection for the pool, families can forgive themselves knowing that their children will be better protected from potential danger.

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    Swimming Pool Gates–Self-Closing and Self-Latching

    Pool fences are essential for pool safety; however, pool fences are not complete without pool gates. Pool gates provide a way for adults to easily enter and exit the pool area while keeping children out. There are two main types of pool gates we install: Arched and Square.

    Arched pool gates are designed to contour the curve of a pool. Square shaped pool gates fit into the corners of a pool. In addition, both types are made with heavy-duty materials that are resistant to weather and rust, ensuring their structural integrity year after year.

    Adding a pool gate to your pool fence system is essential for keeping your pool area safe. Contact Secure Swim today to get your FREE pool gate quote. Contact us online here or call (877) 422-7946.

    Mesh Pet Fence Installation in Paradise Valley, AZ

    Keeping pets safe around your pool is important for pet owners. One way to make sure your pet stays out of the pool is to keep them off solid ground by using a pool fence. Pet fences can be used to create an outdoor dog run, allowing access to fresh air and sunshine while keeping pets safe from pool-related dangers. Additionally, mesh pet fences are great for walling off an area of your home, like a garage or balcony, so that you keep your pet contained in the safety of their own space. Investing in pool or mesh pet fences is an investment in the safety and security of both you and your pet.

    About Paradise  Valley, AZ

    Living in Paradise Valley, AZ brings a unique pool of opportunities. From its breathtaking views to the desert, it offers the perfect balance between natural beauty and modern convenience. Enjoying an outdoor pool during summer months can only amplify the experience even more, however it is also necessary to take into consideration pool safety measures like a pool fence. 
    Pool fences contribute to an overall safer pool environment on your property and are available in various styles and colors. With pool fencing options from Paradise Valley homeowners can find the perfect way to complement their properties with both security and aesthetic appeal.
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